About Us

Five Leaf Chocolate is a family run company born of an idea to reach people who love the worlds best chocolate.

Made up of Jacob and Tara Topping, and their 3 kids - Jonathan (10), Oliver (9), and Alexis (8), this family run chocolate company had been going fast since day one! 

After visiting the Ottawa Chocolate Show, and learning in depth how the best chocolate in the world is made, from Canada's top chocolate makers, the Topping Family - Jacob, Tara, Jonathan, Oliver and Alexis - decided it was time for a new chocolate making era to begin.

We sources the rarest and best tasting cacao beans on earth - so rare, they're only found in 1 town, and only grown on 2 farms ON THE PLANET. With a TASTE that is so unique, and yet so indescribably familiar, it is the basis for every chocolate we currently hand craft.


What do we mean by handmade / handcrafted?
Our super rare cacao beans are hand fed into our custom roasters and roasted in micro batches - super micro batches... like under 50 grams per batch! 

Our precision roasted super rare cacao beans are then HAND SHELLED - yes, we HAND SHELL EACH cacao bean... one-at-a-time!

We take our hand shelled, precision roasted, super rare cacao beans... and we mix them with fresh cane sugar, of the highest quality, in our CUSTOM STONE MILL!!! Yes, we have a custom STONE MILL, that we use to combine and smooth our delicious chocolate, for 12-26 hours, depending on the size, weight, and temperature of each batch.

Once combined, and liquified into the smoothest warm molten chocolate you can imagine, we hand pour each batch into precision weighted cooling containers, to initiate phase one of our 6 crystal forming process. This allows the chocolate to cool, and solidify into our ultra dense 6 crystal structured solid untempered chocolate blocks (used by top restaurants, and chefs alike - in the kitchen - our untempered chocolate is AMAZINGLY flavourful).

After setting for 12+ hours, we begin the process of hand tempering our chocolate. We work with the untempered chocolate we have created, including 3 precise temperatures, to ensure the perfect tempering. We do this without any added cacao butter, soy lecithin, or other additives... we just just our PURE CHOCOLATE (cacao beans, and fresh cane sugar).

Once tempered, we immediately HAND POUR EVERY BAR, into our CUSTOM HANDMADE chocolate molds - which we HAND MADE from food grade silicone, in our handmade fabrication area (including our hand-built vaccume chamber)... 

We did use a local machine shop to precision CNC machine our casting mold - from ultra-high quality British Columbia douglas fir wood - look carefully in the top of any Five Leaf Chocolate bar, and you can see the wood grain patter from our handmade mold process.

We again subject our mold poured chocolate to a strict temperature pattern, to ensure that it sets exactly correctly, providing it with the exact chocolate crystal #5 that our chocolate uses, to ensure perfectly balanced cohesion.

Due to our very specific temperatures, weights, and hand techniques... Five Leaf Chocolate has a taste profile that is expansive, and covers multiple types of tastes across a FULL FLAVOUR PROFILE. It's literally unlike any other chocolate IN THE WORLD.

After our initial tempered, and set chocolate is hardened into its final form, we begin our final Quality Assurance check procedure. EVERY CHOCOLATE BAR is photographed, weighed, recorded, and HAND INSPECTED, to ensure it is ready to venture into the world. If the bar is perfect in every way - from it's look, to its weight, to its wholeness (no broken bars leave our site), it is ready to be secured and wrapped.

We HAND WRAP each bar, in multiple layers of our textured foil, creating an airtight, water tight, secure environment for each bar to weight for its new owner in. We then HAND WRAP each foil wrapped bar, into its paper wrapper. Made from a single sheet of paper, our packaging is both strong, light, and highly recyclable (paper, and aluminum foil).

After all this, only then do we update our online inventory, with each new bar - ready for you to order as many as we have on hand!

From our family to you and your loved ones, the Topping Family wishes you an AMAZING CHOCOLATE EXPERIENCE with each first, or subsequent taste of Five Leaf Chocolate!

Jacob - Tara - Jonathan - Oliver - Alexis  |  The Topping Family